Special District Information

Thank you for reaching out in relation to Special District Elections and voter list requests. In order to process any requests a signed Nondisclosure Agreement(NDA) is required. Below is an explanation of why an NDA is required and a link to download it. Each district needs to have its own NDA as well as an individual voter list request.  Once a signed NDA is received the district’s request will begin to be processed.

If the district is not developed, a Certificate of No Voters will be sent.  If the district is developed, a Street Locator Process letter and a set of Street Listing files will be sent for you to verify. The Street Locator Process letter will provide the dates that documentation needs to be sent to us so we can provide your information in a timely manner.

If there are any voters in the district (or proposed district) we will pull the voter list once the street listing has been verified. A specialized listing data pull for the Call for Nominations voter list will contain emails only. Lists after the Call for Nominations data pull may not have the email listing.

Any voter list sent will be a compressed, comma-separated text file that can be opened from within Excel once it has been downloaded and extracted to your computer.

Nondisclosure Agreement


The purpose is to protect confidential voter information that is provided to a Designated Election Official of a political subdivision, or his or her legal counsel (collectively, “DEO”), for the sole purpose of conducting local government elections under Title 1 of the Colorado Revised Statutes (C.R.S.). Under Colorado law, election records that contain an elector’s signature, social security number, month of birth, day of the month of birth, email address, or identification number are confidential. Sections 24-72-204(2)(a)(VII), (8)(a), C.R.S. In addition, registration records of voters who request confidentiality under specified circumstances are not public records because their disclosure is contrary to the public interest. Section 24-72-204(3.5), C.R.S. This information may be provided to political subdivisions of the state of Colorado as long as the information is used only for permitted purposes and is not otherwise disclosed to third parties.


At the request of the DEO, Adams County Elections is providing a list of registered electors and/or military and overseas voters that contains complete voter registration information. DEO must ensure that these records are provided and will be used for the sole purpose of enabling DEO to conduct a local government election in accordance with Colorado law. DEO must maintain these records in a secure and confidential manner, and must not disclose the records to unauthorized third parties. In addition, since email is an insecure transmission method that poses a high risk of unauthorized or inadvertent disclosure, authorized individuals who use the voter registration data or to whom these records are provided must not email the list to any person, even if the email recipient is authorized to review and use the underlying voter registration data.


Important Dates

150th Day Prior Call for Candidate Voter List Date
60th Day Prior First Voter List
40th Day Prior 2nd Voter List include UOCAVA
22nd Day Prior Final Voter List

Annual Forms