“I Voted” Sticker Design Contest

I Voted Sticker Design Contest

Calling all Adams County students kindergarten through college! This contest is open to students who either live in or attend school in Adams County. It’s also open to students whose parent(s) work for Adams County.

The Adams County Elections Department would like to have new custom “I Voted” stickers for the upcoming 2021 and 2022 elections, and we need your help!

If you like to draw or are an aspiring graphic designer, this contest is for you. We’re accepting both hand-drawn and digital submissions.

We’ve introduced a new Spanish category this year. The winning design must follow all the same rules, with the exception of all words on the sticker must be in Spanish. The winning design of this category will be available at in-person voting locations throughout the 2021 and 2022 elections.

Want to share with students you know? See our printable posters, available in English and Spanish.


  • Students must keep their original artwork and/or design files—we’ll need it to make the new stickers.
  • Designs must say “I Voted” or “I Voted in Adams County.”
  • Submissions must be non-partisan.
  • Students should consider elements representative of Adams County, elections, or patriotism.
  • Students and/or parents must be willing to allow us to use the artwork for upcoming elections.
  • Students must live in or attend school in Adams County or have a parent who works for the county.
  • Students must fill out and sign the submission form (must be signed by a parent or guardian if the student is under 18).
  • Entries must include a short description of the design, as well as information on the inspiration for the design.

How to Enter

  • Artwork can be hand-drawn (using the template below) or created in Adobe PhotoShop, InDesign, or Illustrator (see specifications here)
  • Download and print the template:
  • Fill out and sign the submission form (signed by a parent if under 18)
  • Email the signed form; a description of your design and a paragraph about the design’s inspiration; and a scan, picture, or PNG/TIFF/PDF of your artwork to contests@adcogov.org by Friday, May 7. Note: For digital submissions, we may require you to send the packaged design files if your design is chosen.

Grand Prize*

  • Sticker will be used for the 2021 Coordinated Election
  • $200 gift card
  • Social media shout-out
  • Press release with your name and sticker design

*Due to the number of entries we received, prizes were adjusted from the original contest. The winning design will be used in the upcoming 2021 Coordinated Election. Another contest will be available later in 2021 to create stickers for the 2022 elections. More details will be available soon.