Certified Write-In Candidates

Here are the certified write-in candidates for the 2018 General Election:

Candidate Name Office District Party Incumbent
Miguel Lopez US House 01 Democratic Party N
Kevin Alumbaugh US House 02 Green Party N
Richard Tetu US House 03 Unaffiliated N
Bruce Lohnmiller US House 03 Green Party N
Gary Swing US House 03 Green Party N
Richard Lyons Weil US House 04 Democratic Party N
John B. Vigil US House 04 Green Party N
Lori Furstenberg US House 05 Democratic Party N
John Croom US House 05 Unaffiliated N
Christopher Allen US House 06 Green Party N
Steve Zorn US House 07 Democratic Party N
Michael Haughey US House 07 Green Party N